We are pleased to be working with the Kakamega Orphans Care Centre Project in Kakamega, Western Kenya, and their Maine-based US partner, Friends of Kakamega. We are most grateful as well to have been chosen as a partner by the Segal Family Foundation. Their support is invaluable! With the help of these partners, we are able to provide access to secondary school (high school) education to over 100 deserving, high needs students from Western Kenya.

For the past few years we have been especially pleased with our additional program, providing post-secondary education to some of our graduating students. For this purpose, we established the Polly Fund with a generous bequest from a lifetime teacher, who taught both in the US and in Africa. We are so excited to report that we presently have 18 students in university and more students who qualified for direct entry and will begin their universities in May 2020. We hope to be able to expand the number of students in the future as the Polly Fund grows.


The KOCC, in Western Kenya, is a grassroots community effort that assists children whose parents have died of AIDS and other diseases. Its efforts are devoted to helping orphans living in deep poverty, serving the whole child from primary school through secondary school and beyond. CSA provides tuition for all our students and we provide administrative costs to KOCC to enable them to manage our program and ensure the success of our students by providing much needed care and oversight of each and every student. We work closely with KOCC Founder Dorothy Selebwa, KOCC Administrator Pastor Ida Nelson, and KOCC Social Worker Grace Woambui.

Dorothy Selebwa is Clerk of the United Society of Friends Women for Kenya and Founder of the KOCC project. In 2001 she became especially aware of the needs of the many area orphans, began with a project feeding them and then went on to found the KOCC with its present role supporting over 200 young people in its Kakamega Orphans Care facility, its home-based primary school sponsorship program, and its secondary school sponsorship program.
Born into a family of 18 children, Pastor Ida Nelson knows what it’s like to live in poverty and struggle to afford a solid education. “I understand hardship in life. With support from other people, my life has never been the same. This has been a motivation to do what I do now. While going through a hard life, I always told myself, I want to better someone else’s life. I want to be an encouragement to other people, help them to know that challenges in life are not meant to destroy our destinies. We can make it.”
“It’s a joy for every family to see their children prospering, but believe me, it’s even greater joy to see an orphan child who went through hardship excelling. When you serve an orphan child you learn a lot! It gives you humility, love, strength and empathy. You get to know challenges orphan children face, and provide or plan for intervention.”


Friends of Kakamega is a Maine-based 501c3 non-profit organization that finances the Kakamega orphans Care Centre Project. Since 2002 it has partnered with the United Society of friends Women (USFW) in Kenya to serve the needs of AIDS orphans and other at risk children in their rural Western Kenya community. We have met and worked , both in person and through correspondence, with FoK Board Members as well as with KOCC’s Dorothy Selebwa and Pastor Ida Nelson. FoK organizes a yearly Service Trip to to KOCC. Representatives from CSA joined the FoK trip in summer 2016 and will be joining the group each year in the future.

You can learn more about KAKAMEGA ORPHANS CARE CENTRE and FRIENDS OF KAKAMEGA from their website.


The Segal Family Foundation (SFF) partners with nonprofit organizations improving the well-being of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its vision is that every Sub-Saharan African grows up with access to quality education and health services, the protection of their reproductive rights, and the opportunity to contribute to a productive society.,/p>

The foundation provides substantial annual grant support for our program and provides mentoring and connections through its Annual Meeting, attended annually by over 200 partners and friends. The 2016 Meeting was held in Tanzania and in 2017 it will be held in the US. We regularly send representatives to this event and much appreciate the help it has provided. We are most appreciative of the financial support the Segal Family Foundation has provided to Crossroads Springs Africa.

We are building a community of creative collaborators. We bring together visionary grassroots organizations, progressive donors, and collaborative intentional NGOs to implement, refine, and scale development solutions that are effective and locally appropriate.“

You can learn more about the Segal Family Foundation from their website.