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Warm greetings on behalf of the Crossroads Springs Board of Directors and all our eager secondary students in Western Kenya! I am happy to tell you that CSA’s new focus on high school education has proven very fruitful in 2016.

We are partnering with Kakamega Orphan Care Center in Kakamega, Kenya, and its supporting not-for-profit organization, Friends of Kakamega in USA. Pastor Nelson Ida, administrator at KOCC, and Dorothy Selebwa, founder, as well as Friends of Kakamega. Their board members have met with us here, in Western New York so we know them in person, and we feel very optimistic about the future of our relationship.

Our over 100 Crossroads Springs Africa students in Kenyan high schools are nurtured, counseled and monitored by Pastor Ida and social worker Grace Wambui. We are pleased about a shift to more student counseling, nurturing, and problem solving by staff with students and their guardians or parents. Rather than just expecting high grades, staff is listening to problems and helping students find their way to high achievement. This definitely aligns with our philosophy and now we have partners “on the ground” to make it happen.


See the excitement and joy on the faces of our Crossroads Springs Africa students, gathering the supplies they are required to bring when they enroll in Form 1, their first year of high school! Eager to learn and pursue their dreams, they began their studies in February, with heartfelt thanks to their CSA sponsors for making it possible, through funding for room, board, tuition, uniforms, and exam fees.

In the photo you can see shoeboxes and students holding up other needed items. Here’s a list of needs that special donations to the CSA Scholarship Program will provide:

  • Textbooks
  • Set books (required reading)
  • Shoes (needed for Form 1 and Form 3)
  • Scientific Calculator (needed by Form 2 and Form 3)
  • Geometric Set and Math Tables (needed by Form1)
  • Field Trip Fees (needed once per year)
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Mosquito Bed Net
  • CSA Mentoring/Life Skills Workshop
  • Physical Education Kit

You can motivate your school, church or community group to help provide these things! A middle school in Washington state raised fund for shoes for everyone in 2010! A high school student speaking in Western New York as “Young Philanthropist of the Year,” told about the vulnerable children in Kenya, saying,“ I’d walk miles in with them in their shoes….if they had shoes!” On the spot, audience members came forth with generous checks to help her buy shoes!