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Crossroads Springs Africa will be completing its ten-year commitment to Crossoads Springs Institute on December 31, 2015. Over this time, many friendships have been made, over 500 children have been fed and educated, clean water has been made accessible, healthcare has been provided and new classroom and dormitory buildings have been built adding to the safety and security of the children. The community of Hamisi has been lifted up through employment opportunities, local vendor purchasing and the many friendships made with visitors who traveled to be a part of the CSI community. Thanks to your support, we have far exceeded our original goals for CSI.

It is important to us that local communities are given a start down the road to a sustainable and successful future for themselves and their children. The CSI primary school is now well-established, having grown from 40 to 340 K-8 students with well-trained teachers on a well-equipped campus . It is our hope that CSI will continue to be a place for quality education in the Hamisi community.

We have learned a great deal through our work with CSI and have found that the ongoing challenge of education for Kenyan children and families is the cost of secondary school (high school). We have also seen the incredibly positive impact that dedicated, well-trained teachers can have on a student population.

Our focus, with the help of our sponsors and donors, will now be to provide secondary school scholarships to disadvantaged children in western Kenya. CSA hopes with your help to continue to support the 86 CSI graduates who are already attending secondary school and who are meeting the CSA Scholarship requirements.

Crossroads Springs Africa’s mission to equip students with skills and knowledge to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in their communities has not changed. We will continue our passion for the education of disadvantaged children in Kenya.

We appreciate your confidence and support as we move to our next phase.


On December 5th from 10:00am until 2:00pm and December 6th from 9:00am until 1:00pm another Crossroads Spring Africa fund-raising event will take place at the Orchard Park Presbyterian Church located at 4369 South Buffalo St. in Orchard Park.

Each December Crossroads Springs Africa participates in the International Artisans Fair at Orchard Park Presbyterian Church. There is a beautiful display of unique, handcrafted gifts from all over the world. All are fairly traded goods providing a living wage for the artisans who create them.

Shopping at the Artisan's Fair is a kinder, gentler way to enjoy Christmas shopping and make a difference in the lives of others. Hope to see you there!