Crossroads Springs Africa, Inc. provides secondary and post secondary school scholarships to orphans and other vulnerable students in Kenya so that they will have the skills and knowledge to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in their communities.

An Evening of Conversation and Gratitude

Ida StudentThank you for joining the CSA board and meeting and sharing ideas with Ida Nelson, visiting Kenyan administrator of our Crossroads Springs Africa Student Education program in Kenya. Pictures above were taken at the event. Thank you to the Elm Street Bakery for making the event possible.

Ida is the the special man who knows each child and mentors them to be their best. He is our administrator in Kakamega, Western Kenya; he leads our team on the ground that includes an experienced social worker, high school counselor, and accountant. Join in conversation with Ida and the Crossroads Springs Africa board members and associates whose goal is to make high school and post high school education possible for eager youth so they can have jobs and lead successful lives of independence and service.


Six CSA high school graduates have been sent off to colleges including three girls and three boys. The girls shown above with their guardians are, (third from right), Celestine Chemwuor, (second from right), Cecilia Khahandari and, (on right), Silvia Chepkemei. All three students will be studying social work, Cecilia and Sylvia at Kafuko University and Celestine at Sigalagala University.

The three male graduates have different areas of study. Owen Alikula will be studying Information Technology at Machakos University, Sydney Mmboyi Hotel Management at Technical University and Silas Iningu Businesss Commerce at Gretsa University. See an image of of the three male post-secondary students and their new laptops here.