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For children in Kenya who have lost one or both parents to AIDS, there is often little chance for even a primary education, given the need to pay for required uniforms and textbooks even for public education. Having begun with 40 vulnerable children in 2004, Crossroads Springs Institute, in Hamisi, Kenya now educates and cares for 340 of these children, children who would otherwise have had little opportunity to improve their lives, but who now have a bright future because of this loving care and outstanding education.

You can help us change these children's lives... donate now or join us at one of our upcoming events! Better yet, join the 120 friends who sponsor a child... 220 more children would love the chance to have that special connection! You can choose the grade and gender of the child and you'll receive a picture and at least one letter each year from the child you sponsor. $700 will feed, clothe, and educate a child for a year!


waterGirls and boys will now have the joy of using a flush toilet and washing their hands in a sink! Water from rain and the new well is pumped into storage tanks on the roof of the classroom building and dorms. The boys' dorm, new girls' dorm, and kitchen have gravity flow water to the plumbing and sinks.  This is a big change from pit latrines. Crossroads Springs nurse and social worker have been giving lessons in water conservation, along with health and wellness advice such as prevention of malaria and HIV. As they say in Kenya, "Water is life!" We celebrate flowing water and thank our  generous  donors who have made it possible!