Class Eight


“I want to go to school!” Visitors to Kenya often hear this yearning put into words by children and young people they meet. The challenge to pay for high school (secondary school) is often impossible in a country where the annual cost equals the average yearly salary.

Crossroads Springs Africa’s mission is to provide secondary scholarships to equip students with skills and knowledge to become self-reliant, responsible and contributing citizens.

Listen to Mellod Maitsi and Elvis Khadeya who hope to enter secondary school this year. Both would love to be sponsored.

Mellod Maitsi

Mellod MaitsiMellod, whose father died, strives for higher education to be a doctor. As a doctor, she says she will give medicine and reduce the death rate in her community. Serving the community, she will help orphans, teach her siblings how to work hard, build schools and introduce free education! A good soccer player, she would like to help her country win in competition. “I will educate Kenyans on how to conserve the environment and respect the rules of the country”

Brian Kipkemboi

Brian KipkemboiBrian's best subject is science and he gives credit to his science teacher at CSI, Mr. Nicholas, for making him "love" science. Like most boys in Kenya, he loves playing soccer and thinks Manchester United is the "best" team. Brian also likes music and has participated in the National Music Festival as part of the CSI boys choir. He was #1 in his class of 32 students. Brian has lost both parents.

They are ready! All these students pictured above have passed the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams, waiting for school placements, ready to enter secondary school with Mellod and Elvis in February. They hope to be teachers, lawyers, pilots, meteorologists, and Members of Parliament, to state just a few of their career plans. With your help through Crossroads Springs Africa, they, and those already in secondary school, will succeed! Thank you for your support! (See “How you Can Help” and “Donate”)

Our Scholarship Coordinator in Kenya is Elvis Ludenyi, pictured below with current secondary students at Kaimosi Boys School, Western Kenya. Elvis travels to all 32 schools where, with the help of sponsors and donors, CSA currently supports students in all four secondary classes. He meets with school administrators, gathers letters for sponsors and records of student performance for us, and encourages students to do their best.

Kaimosi Boys