Crossroads Springs Africa, Inc. provides secondary school scholarships to orphans
and other vulnerable students in Kenya so that they will have the skills and knowledge
to become self-reliant and responsible citizens in their communities.


Jan’s bags are packed, she’s ready to go…to Kenya! Crossroads Springs Africa board members surrounded her for a warm send-off and final requests. Please take our greetings to Kakamega Care Center staff; and to all the children, parents and guardians in our education program in Western Kenya! Please bring back photos of the children to help us tell sponsors and donors about the changed lives and accomplishments made possible by donations to CSA for education of vulnerable children!

What has Jan packed in her very full bags? Games, used sports shirts, and donations by local dentists of toothbrushes and supplies to treat the children’s teeth with fluoride to prevent cavities. Jan, a pediatric nurse, treated teeth last year, too, and taught older children to teach younger ones about proper brushing. We hope she will see positive results from 2016.

Jan, go well and safely! We wish we were going with you!